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Monday, August 9, 2010

One Pimple is One Too Many - Acceptance

Hey everyone?

How are you this fine Monday?
Well I hope!
Today I want to talk to you about acceptance...

What does it mean to be accepted?
By popularity -- the "in crowd" accepts you and thinks you're cool.
By your parents -- your parents accept you as their child and love you just as you are.
By your friends -- they accept you as their friend... and if they're good friends, they'll care about you unconditionally.

To me, being accepted and confidence go hand in hand.
If you are feeling insecure, think about why you're feeling insecure...

Is it because of your looks?
Your ideas?
Your hometown?
Your family?

All of it can be traced back to a feeling of being accepted or rejected.

To be rejected is a bad feeling -- anyone who tells you different is LYING!
But here's the thing!
When you are rejected in life -- from a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, job etc -- it does NOT define you. Remember, EVERYONE has been rejected before.

The most successful people in life have always been rejected.
But you know what they did differently?

They chose to be accepted instead of rejected.

They chose to accept themselves.

Wherever you grew up, whatever family you were born into, whatever body type you have, whatever skin color you are -- you cannot change it.
But you CAN accept it.
Accept it... and move on.

I accept that I am not built like a supermodel.
I accept it and I move on.
I accept that I am from a small town.
I accept it and I move on.
I accept that I am the skin color that I am.
I accept it and I move on.
I accept that family that I was born into.
I accept it.. and I move on.

There are some things you can change in life and there are some things you cannot.
Don't get tied up with the things you cannot change and overlook the things you can.

Strive to succeed. Strive to do better.
Accepting something does not mean that you settle, it is acknowledging where you are... then you must tell yourself where you are going!

I am going to succeed.
I am going to a great example.
I am going to fulfill every dream I have.
I am going to be everything I can be...

Accept it.. and move on.

Have a great week everyone. :)

Ariel <3

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