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Monday, February 4, 2008

deko and posh promotion for february 2008

deko and posh here…every month we promote someone who we feel is doing a good thing, new talent, and someone we discovered on myspace. Check out Natalia from Greece at…here is a copy of her profile from mysapce. send her a comment and let her know that deko and posh told you all about her. L8R
Well first of all let me introduce my self, My name is Natalia Mav i was born in Melbourne Australia on the 4th of January 1987!!! I would have to say im a really outgoing loving person in general, im the type of person that has the mentality of by recieving an inch i will give a mile, Sometimes it’s good and sometime’s it’s bad due to that a lot of people take advantage of that, but hey i like doing good deeds!!!! Anyways, over 4 years ago i moved to Athens Greece i was only 16!!! My family was still in Australia taking care of some other business they had to do, I moved in with a family friend of ours! It was a big move i only had come to Greece for vacation but i never knew it would be so different living here compared to Australia, In melbourne everything was so organised and well maintained… Here in Greece everything is the total opposite lol but that’s what i love about Greece everybody is very laid back and cool here i wouldn’t say that there aren’t many rules here, for eg: No such thing as over 21 haha i mean you can be any age to buy Cigarettes and Alcohol lol bazaar!! The main reason why i moved here is because i am a singer and i wanted to persue a music career here in Greece!! A lot of people ask me why i didn’t stay in Australia to do something there, but to be honest with you the industry there is too damn hard!!! I have a lot of contacts here in Greece with the music business and plus i love the Greek culture and their music so i decided to come here and give it a shot!! So far so good i have met a lot of interesting people and i have worked with a lot of Greek names, Such as: Giorgos Mazonakis, Elena Paparizou, Kostas Karafotis, Giorgos Alkaios, Vassilis Karas, Glykeria, Petros Imvrios, Giorgos Daskolidis, Nikos Kourkoulis, Giorgos Margaritis, Panos Kallidis, Eirini Merkouri, Stelios- Aggelos Dionisiou… These people are fantastic artists and they have inspired me to do different things with my music, it’s good working with so many different styled artists because i can learn very different things from each individual, i also have my own style of singing but i also like to pinch a bit from here and there for room of improvement because the more you learn and work the better you get! A lot of people usually say to me oh my god you are so lucky you sing and you know so many famous people in Greece, yes it is great but it doesn’t come handed over to me in a silver platter, i have worked very hard to get where i am today and imagine i don’t even have an album out yet, it takes time a hell lot of patience and sacrifises. I have been singing professionally since the age of 14 i have done many world tours with most of the artists as mentioned above. I have sung in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Cyrpus and i have also toured around the whole of Greece noumerous times.. I would have to say my favorite show i have ever done was in South Africa i absoloutly loved it there such a beautiful country and such heart warming people i felt like a queen LOL. I love what i do, it’s my life, my passion my heart! I don’t know what i would do if anything ever stopped me of progressing me dream! But im a very strong person and i have been way through a lot in my life so it would make it more of a challenge which i love doing.. I started singing lessons at the age of 11 and i made my first public appearance at a school assembly oh lord i was so embarassed because nobody knew that the little fat girl could sing (yes i was fat in elementry school) everyone freaked out!!! Even my mother was shocked haha!! And ever since then i took it very seriously! I really don’t have much of a personal life here i mean the only thing i do is sing and focus on my music, i used to go out heaps when i was about 17 but then i got sick of it! Now im just at home doing singing, in the studio, and writing.. I try to go out sometimes but i just feel to lazy lol…. My best friends in the whole world are Con who’s been there for me through thick and thin I love him to death!! Also Katerina, I’ve known her since I was 6 and she’s my total opposite in just about everything (me crazy, her quiet) and we balance each other out quite well. I love her so much and miss her every day. And of course my parents are my life they have done so much for me, moved to Greece and changed their lives just for me. It’s been very hard for them since the accident that happened over 3 years ago, i unfortunately lost my brother in an accident he was only 21 years old i have written a little tribute to him in my hero section, and I try to be as nice as possible and sometimes I seriously don’t know how they put up with me!!! They are my life my 2 angels that look after me whenever I need anything, not material wise, but with their love and support.
Who I’d like to meet:
For about 3 years now i have been totally nuts about Christiano Ronaldo i would love to meet him he is very talented and of course extremly good looking!!! haha.. But besides that i would just like to meet decent people who respect them selves and others around them. I can stand a lot of things,, But i can’t stand liars and fake people who try to be something they are not!! So if your a fake on here don’t bother to even add me cos i will delete you! And all rude picture comments and general comments will be deleted and you will also be blocked!!I just want to be treated with the same respect the way i treat people.. Thanks for reading my profile -Natalia Mav

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