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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life After College-Recession and Changing Times

Hey all! It's been a while since I've been graced with the blogger presence...and a lot has happened since.

First off, I'd like to say a big CONGRATS to my fellow bloggers Ariel and Amelia for their awesome Q&A last night for Ariel's book "Chasing Dandelions". Here's a shameless plug...everyone should go out and read it, you can get it very easily off

So I've been at my current place of employment now for a little over 3 months. Which is enough time to get a good idea of the character of the place and its employees. It's also long enough to know whether or not this is a good fit. Unfortunately for's not. Sadly, this is a lesson of growing up: you can take a job because it pays more, A LOT more money. But is it worth your sanity?

I got word the other day that my job, for no other reason other than the area in which I work at is outdated, will be gone in 3 years. Now, granted, 3 years in a LONG time. Honestly, did I see myself doing this same job for 3 years? No, not after the 3 month honeymoon period passed and I saw it for what it was. Would it have been nice to to have that sort of stability? Yes.
So,'s not a big deal in the long run if my position will be gone in 3 years. That's plenty of time to look good later, but also makes me feel less bad about looking elsewhere in the future.

I've also learned how lucky I am to have a job, even if I don't LOVE it every day. Two of my good friends got laid off last week and are now struggling to get interviews together. It's a scary thing.

One thing I'd like to emphasize to everyone is to SAVE SAVE SAVE. Even if you have a job, it's important to pay yourself. If you don't have one, you should most definitely open a savings account. You never EVER know when things might fall apart and you'll need rent money or heck, even FOOD money. Always always, pay yourself and as tempting as it is to spend that money on something big, remember that you may need that money one day in the future for basic necessities.

So that's where I am right now. Still hanging in there. I will say though that I am already thinking about Grad School options. I do miss having something else to look forward to besides work, so everyone else is right...don't wait forever to go back or you might not go back!

SO SAVE YOUR MONEY! and Always always think about the future. Whether the future is tomorrow or years from now.

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