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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning Curve: Goals

I've always been an over-zealous student. I have all my school supplies bought WEEKS before schools starts. My notebooks are filled with paper, dividers, page protectors. When I got to high school, I had this entire system devised to keep myself organized. Each class had a different color assigned to it. Every notebook/folder/pen/pencil/highlighter for that class was that color. I remember it too because it's a system that I still use today:

English (or anything having to do with grammer/literature): RED

History: PURPLE


Science: GREEN

It was easy at the end of the day to see which subjects I had homework in, just a glace in my planner with the highlighted assignments in the color of that class. It took me less time than my friends to get my books & pack up at the end of the day. I didn't have to worry about grabbing the wrong notebook because all I had to look for was a color.

So, here I am, physically ready to go back to school (or at least I was in high school, college is a completely different story). I'm ready to see my friends, get back in the groove of homework, football games, clubs...but was I emotionally ready?

Every year I try to sit down & come up with a list of goals I want to accomplish. Did a friend & I end the year on bad terms? Try to be a better friend this year. I missed too many days last year, let's try to miss fewer. Get involved in more clubs, do more after school activities...

The older I've gotten, the more long terms, and almost rediculous (to most) they've gotten.

1. move out to LA after graduation
2. sit courtside at a Laker's game
3. go to a movie premiere, once as a fan & then on the red carpet
4. write an article for Rolling Stone magazine

I still keep the other goals of doing better in school, but this list makes me work harder in school.

Goals are for everyone. There's no such thing as a goal being too big or too small. Crazy? Maybe to everyone but you. I mean, look at some of the goals that Taylor Swift had for herself & her career before she made it as big as she is now...

1. win a grammy (nominated, but hasn't won...YET!)
2. have a successful headlining tour (I think she accomplished this one. She was AMAZING.)
3. be on oprah (check that one off the list)
4. have a house with hardwood floors like Selena [Gomez]
5. go to a wedding

(source: seventeen magazine May 2009 issue)

Even the silliest things, like hardwood floors, are things that we can work towards and try to accomplish.

I hope all of you that are already back in school are enjoying the year. If you have any school related issues that you want me to cover in the future, leave a comment or tweet me (@jeng2008).

♥ Jen


arielsmiles said...

great advice Jen!
It's always great to have goals!

Amelia said...

I love the color coded subject idea! It's little things like that that almost make me not want to be home schooled, because I love having things all organized like that, and I don't really get a chance to.

I might not have goals in normal school, but we are setting ourselves goals in dance class this year, like keeping my shoulders down, haha. Great advice! :)