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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twisted Tween- No Voice No Choice!

This weeks blog is a subject that is going to make you question if anything anyone says is true!
For example, if you are going to watch a show called Teen Choice Awards wouldn't you think that the awards were chosen by the teens? In this particular case the answer is - NOT!

Finding this information out was a huge disappointment to us, and everyone we know. We went out of our way to take the time to get online and vote for the people that we thought deserved to win. If we knew that we were wasting our time, and that our votes were not actually deciding the winner, we would not have wasted our time!

Posted on the screen for a second of the awards show was this:
"Winners for the teen choice awards were determined through voting on the website. The results of the voting were tabulated electronically by and confirmed by a committee of Fox representatives. Teenasaurus Rox Inc had the right to determine the winners from among the top four vote getters of the nominees in each of 88 catagories. Ultimate choice was determined solely by the producers."

Sound like teen choice to you? Sounds like producers choice to us! And they chose from the top 4? At least if they had chosen from the top 2 it would have been slightly more fair! Either way it was absolutely NOT teen choice...

iCarly had better ratings than all the other shows it was up against- and yet did not receive one TCA? Does this make sense to you? Seems pretty fishy to us! We think they got totally robbed! Everyone we know watches iCarly, and everyone we know voted. Were our voices heard? Maybe they were heard, but completely ignored. Oh how we hate to be ignored, don't you? This should also be upsetting to the people that won. When you win something you want to win fair and square. In this case why did they bother to even have the teens vote? The producers could of had their winners in mind all along! Again- NOT TEEN CHOICE!

So next year, unless they release a statement saying that they have changed their voting rules and decision making process we have one word for them.... Boycott!

So that is our rant for the week.
Keep it real! H and C

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