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Monday, October 26, 2009

One Pimple is One Too Many - Confidence

You can see them from a mile away.
They walk with their head high and their face forward.
They are friendly, polite and have good ideas.
But confidence isn't something that you're born with - it's something that you learn.
The first step, is believing in yourself.
What do you see when you look in the mirror?

You gotta swim out of your comfort zone to catch the wave that's going to change your life. - Surfing Wisdom
It's true. I'm not saying you shouldn't be grateful and content in where you are in life - by all means! However, I am saying that if you want things to change in your life, you have to act on it. Instead of complaining about the "jiggly bits", ask your doctor about an exercise plan. Acne problems? Drink lots of water and ask a skin expert (a dermatologist or the physician at your local pharmacy) for tips and referrals on products that help clear your skin. One of the marks of a confident person is someone who when confronted with a problem, doesn't wallow in depression but looks for a solution.

A candle loses nothing by lighting a candle. - Erin Majors
Maybe you are confident in who you are. Spread it around. Encourage the people around you any chance you get. "But what if they seem to have it all together Ariel? I doubt they need encouragement." Maybe so. Maybe you're friends with the most confident person on the planet. Still - we all need that little extra push in the right direction, or even affirmation that we're doing a good job. Like the quote suggests, you lose nothing in spreading love and encouragement to others.

I guess the thing I learned is that I may never completely figure out who I am. And maybe that's not so important. - Melody Carlson from her Diary of a Teenage Girl Series - Caitlin
Confident people aren't people who've got it all figured out. They've simply learned how to be comfortable in their own skin. You don't have to be a supermodel to be confident! I say this all the time but that's because it's important - half the battle is in your mind. If you believe that you are a confident, strong, secure person than you will be.

I have an assignment for you.
For the next week, every morning when you wake up look into a mirror - bedhead, morning breath and all - and say this:
"I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
"I am confident and secure in who I am."
"I am a peculiar treasure."
"I am beautiful//handsome."
"I will learn from my mistakes - not focus on them."
Add in anything else that makes you feel like the confident and beautiful//handsome person you are!

Say it outloud every day for a week. It might seem a little weird at first, talking to yourself, but trust me - it works. Hearing yourself say the words - and taking the inititave to believe them - will boost your confidence immensely.

Keep on rockin'!

postscript: I know Halloween's this weekend so just a little reminder to be safe. Pranks may seem like fun at first but remember that your and everyone else's safety is the FIRST priority. :)
If you need advice on something I haven't covered yet you can @reply me on twitter (@arielsmiles) or contact me at arielsmiles(at)rocketmail(dot)com. :)

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