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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twisted Tween- "Celebs that Make a Difference" by Hannah and Cailin Loesch

Twisted Tweens by Hannah and Cailin Loesch

“Celebs That Make a Difference”

We welcome you to the first segment of our “Celebs that Make a Difference” series!

This weeks celebrity is Noah Munck. You are certain to know him from the hit show on Nickelodeon- iCarly! Yes, that’s right! He plays Gibby!

Noah has also been in other films and tv shows. You may remember seeing him in the NBC show ER! He played a heart patient. This role made an impact on his life. After being on the show and spending time with the real heart disease/ transplant kids, he decided to get involved!

He is now a spokesperson for Camp del Corazon. Corazon (meaning heart)! Camp del Corazon is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs for children and families living with heart disease (open heart surgery, transplants, etc;) They provide a free of charge overnight camp program with round the clock medical care. They also have leadership retreats, educational workshops, and family weekend programs designed specifically for the needs of heart patients, and what they are dealing with! Sounds awesome huh? The free camp they provide on Catalina Island allows the kids to be around other kids who are going through the same things they are. Sometimes this is their first experience away from home because the camp provides 24/ 7 doctor /nurse care. It really is a very special organization. Noah was actually at the camp just yesterday, spending time with the kids! He loves being a spokesperson, and being involved in fundraising and raising awareness about the wonderful camp experience Camp del Corazon offers! For more info. about the organization or to donate to the nonprofit organization please contact:

Camp del Corazon-

Lisa Knight- executive director (818) 754-0312

Y-Malawi is the other organization Noah is involved with. After hearing about sponsoring a child in Malawi at church, he decided he needed to get involved. This program provides an ADP (a long term development plan) This helps the people of Nkhoma and Chilenje in Africa by helping them establish water and food security, healthcare, education, Christian evangelism, youth programs, and basically making sure they have all the resources they need to be a thriving community! Noah sponsors a 9 year old boy named Watson in the village of Nkhoma, Malawi. The money to pay for the transformation of the village comes from World Vision. Noahs’ Dad was able to visit Watson last year, and was able to see first hand, what a difference the contributions are making. Noah enjoys writing letters and sending gifts to Watson. He says "I love having another brother in Africa!"

For more information about this amazing organization please contact:


John Gash- President

(949) 481-8195

Noah learned the joy of giving from his parents. They inspired him by their example. Seeing the joy they received from helping others in need. Now Noah is an example to all of us! He said knowing the world does not revolve around you, and giving your time, talent, and treasure to someone else is a learning and joyful experience! So he wants everyone to find a cause to get involved in that makes a difference and JUST DO IT!

You might wonder what his favorite thing is about his acting career? He said "My favorite thing about what do, is what I do!" He loves everything about it! He enjoys working and dislikes sitting around. The more scenes the better! And we enjoy when he is in as many scenes as possible too! His character “Gibby” ALWAYS delivers the laughs! He also mentions a love of craft services. (the free food that is set up for the cast) his little brother calls it the “food court”. Who wouldn’t love free food?

Something you might not know about him? Noah is a huge video gamer and absolutely loves the water- any kind, beach, pool, lake, river, water park, and um SHOWER! (wonder if he sings?)

So there it is! We could have called the article “Gibby Gives”! Noah Munck is not only one amazing actor, but his story of making a difference in the world is completely inspirational! We thank him so much for taking the time to answer our questions. "Noah Munck YOU ROCK!"

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Noah, and we hope his story inspires you to find a way to make a difference!

Please check in for next weeks segment of “Celebs that Make a Difference” for another person who you know and love, and their story!

Keep it Real

H and C

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Labanya said...

Awesome blog girls!! It's amazing to see people helping out...what Noah is doing is really great. Can't wait for next week's blog!! :)